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The original Snake is back in action


Hideo Kojima is back with the last release from the Metal Gear series: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This action-adventure game is based on stealth gameplay and the core skill of remaining unnoticed by your foes. With the creation of the FOX Engine, developed by Kojima Productions, this saga has advanced its graphical techniques, creating one of the most realistic environments of any videogame to date.

The main character is once again Snake, the man to be known henceforth as Big Boss, nine years after the events that occurred in Ground Zeroes. This time, he has woken from a coma and forms a new mercenary group from the remainder of the Militaires Sans Frontières. With the new merc group Diamond Dogs, the new codename “Punished Snake” and his fellow Kazuhira “Kaz” Miller, the team enters Afghanistan during the Cold War. According to Kojima, The Phantom Pain will have two central themes, “Race” and “Revenge”, and will it be the last installment of the saga, at least created by Kojima.

In the technical aspect, it's a superb title, thanks to the superior FOX Engine that is only beginning to show its true capability. The Facial motion capture, used during the development of the game, recreates real emotions from professional actors, such as Kiefer Sutherland, a real standout from other games of the genre.

Great and realistic environments
Great and realistic environments

Game style

The recent release of this saga introduces some new gameplay elements, and brings back some from previous titles. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a non-linear game, and along with its open-world, it will allow you to make your own choices. For example, you will have enough freedom to complete missions that will modify the development of the story. Additionally, the inclusion of different vehicles such as trucks and even horses will allow you to move with agility through the environment.

The element of the Mother Base system returns from MGS: Peace Walker and allows you to better manage the weapons and various elements you carry. Additionally, you can customize and enhance your weapons and general equipment with the R&D (Research & Development) system. The game allows you to manage all the Mother Base elements from your real-life smartphone, and all the changes you make from your device will affect your actual gameplay.

Manage Mother Base elements from your real-life smartphone

An important feature of this stealth videogame is the new day and night cycles, which modifies the behavior patterns of the guards, enabling different kinds of actions to accomplish your objectives. The battle system CQC (Close Quarters Combat) has been enhanced; now it allows you to take your enemies' weapons for assaulting them and obtaining valuable information in interrogrations.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Full Version Features

Here are the main features of this game:

  • Enhanced graphic aspect thanks to the detailed FOX Engine including detailed models and environments
  • New day and night cycles that modify the patterns of your foes in various ways, making observation an important part of the style of play
  • Mother Base managing system for improving your equipment and weapons with the points earned by defeating enemies and completing missions
  • Great open-world game with different settings such as Afghanistan, the sub-Saharan rainforest and newly available vehicles
  • Compatible with external devices such as smartphones with Smartglass for Xbox systems and PS Vita for Playstation
  • Improved battle system giving Snake more actions and an increased range of movement

If you want to know more about this Metal Gear Solid release, be free to visit the official webpage.

Get to know how to treat your foes
Get to know how to treat your foes

System Requirements

Take a look at the confirmed platforms:

  • Game Platform: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4